Murals for Mura!
Sonja Bezjak and Marijana Podhraški
Trate, Solvenia, 2018
Mura March, Slovenia
Sonja Bezjak and Marijana Podhraški
Trate, 2021
“Shelter” by Varvara Grankova
Varvara Grankova
Moscow, 2020
Transnational Docudrama for Social Change

“Grow Me, Water Me, Caress Me”
Zorica Zafirovska
Skopje, 2021
Protest: Road to the Revolution

Ukraine: Protest Performances of the Late 2000s
Alisa Lozkhina
, 2021
The Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine (2013-2014)
Alisa Lozhkina
, 2021
“Get the Fuck Out!”: Performativity of the Protests’ Parlance
Karolina Toka, Anna Maria Grzybowska
Warsawa, 2021
Selma Selman
Sarajevo, 2021
A Pink Room of Her Own
Selma Selman
permanent collection in artist's family house in Bihac), 2026
Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire
Anna Maria Grzybowska and Karolina Toka
Warsawa, 2021
Care Workers

Karolina Grzywnowicz
Warsaw, 2020
The Anxieties of the ‘Roma Artist’
Norbert Oláh
Budapest , 2021
Protest Textiles, Costume, and Craftivism in Belarus, 2020–2021
Sasha Razor
Los Angeles, 2021
Karolina Grzywnowicz
Warsaw, 1995
Bialka’s Braids
Cecylia Malik
Cracow , 2021
The Undamaged
Rožle Bregar, Matič Oblak and Miha Avguštin
Ljubljana, 2019
Kateřina Šedá’s МЯСТО ДО ПРОЗОРЕЦА / A Place By The Window (2020–2021)
Mary Orsak
New Haven, 2021
The future of Autonomous Factory Rog
Mateja Fajt
Ljubljana, 2021
Mariinsky Ballerina Dances to Save the Real Swan Lake
Anna Zheng
New Haven, 2021
God, Home, Kitchen – or an attempt for a U-turn in the middle of the highway
Mikolt Tózsa
Budapest , 2022