Selma Selman
A Pink Room of Her Own, 2026
permanent collection in artist's family house in Bihac)

Installation, Video, Photo

In this project, I am serving as a lens that focuses on the concrete and significant details

of my mother’s past, possible and actualized dreams. I worked together with my mother,

reconstructing the memories of her desired rooms from the childhood that she never

experienced. My mother’s childhood was lost due to child marriage at age 13.

Her wish/dream was to have a girl’s room. The room was created during an interview with

my mother. I drew her room according to real and fictive memories of unrealized dreams

and then made a 3D print. With this work, the main idea is to make the dream of my

mother’s lost childhood room into a reality.

This work returns authority to my mother, to a woman whose rights were taken. The

long-term goal is to give support to all women who are currently going through similar


The title of “A Pink Room of Her Own” comes from the book “A Room of One’s Own” by

Virginia Woolf. Although my mom is not writing from the same personal experiences –

she personally experiences and desires the same room to live, feel intimacy and